Quiz Corner: Recruiting Communications

What should an employer tell a candidate who is not selected for a position? How an organization handles it’s applicants is perceived as a reflection of how it treats its employees.

Quiz Corner: Employee Performance Evaluations

There is no law that mandates you provide your employees with annual written performance evaluations.聽 However, it is important to document any performance issues and an annual evaluation is one way to help do that.

Quiz Corner: Salaried Nonexempt Employees and OT

Quiz Corner: Salaried Nonexempt Employees and OT Q: Are companies required to pay overtime to employees classified as salaried nonexempt? If so, how is overtime calculated? 鈥婣: Yes. An employee can be classified as nonexempt and be paid on a salary basis, but he or she will remain subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act … Continued

Quiz Corner: Holiday Pay

Q:聽聽聽 Are employers required to provide holiday pay to part-time employees? A: 聽 聽It depends. Employers aren鈥檛 obligated to pay any hourly non-exempt employees for holidays they do not work; however, some employers voluntarily do so. Often times, companies will o铿er paid holidays to only full-time employees but some also have paid holidays for regular … Continued

Quiz Corner: Separating New Employees

Employers should address concerns about performance, attendance or behavior early in the employment relationship. Overlooking problems may cause employees to believe their performance is acceptable, thus making later disciplinary action seem unfair, discriminatory or retaliatory.

Quiz Corner: Changes in Employee’s Duties, Schedules, Location

Changing Employee’s Duties, Schedule or Work Location Q: Can employers change an employee’s job duties, schedule or work location without their consent or prior notification? A.聽Yes, in some cases. Generally, unless an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement states otherwise, an employer may change an employee’s job duties, schedule or work location without the … Continued

Quiz Corner: Offer Letters

Providing a new employee with a written job offer is not required; however 小淫棍 strongly recommends providing one to each new hire.

Quiz Corner: Employee Advances

Is it okay to offer employees loans? By Kristen Kelly, Payroll Team Lead Q:聽 聽An employee shared with his employer that his family is going through a hard financial situation. He indicated it was difficult to make ends meet. Is it OK to offer the employee a loan through an employee advance and have him … Continued

Quiz Corner: Managing PTO Requests

An employee who has worked at my company for 90 days and is newly eligible for PTO asked for two weeks of time off next month for a vacation. He is still in training and that is a lot of time to miss. do I have to approve it because the PTO is available to him?