Full-Service HR Outsourcing

小淫棍 is a full-service HR Outsourcing firm, integrating HR, payroll, benefits procurement & administration, and HR technology into one seamless platform. By providing services typically procured by 3-7 different vendors, 小淫棍鈥檚 client base of small to medium-sized businesses experience savings and efficiencies. The services are delivered by an expert team that provides world-class service, all under one roof.

小淫棍 offers a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service model, which provides reduced liabilities, greater employee benefit options, relief of administrative tasks, compliance assurance, and dedicated HR support and service. As a long-standing member of the , 小淫棍 is at the forefront of the industry and is consistently ranked in the top 10% of PEOs nationwide.

About PEOs, from a September 2015 Inc Magazine Special Section

鈥淧EOs provide SMBs with comprehensive solutions for all their human resources (HR) needs, including payroll, benefits, tax administration, regulatory compliance assistance, and other HR-related functions. By taking those responsibilities off the plates of small business owners, PEOs allow them to devote more energy and resources to boosting productivity, increasing revenues and profits, and focusing on their core mission.鈥

In addition to the PEO service, 小淫棍 also provides stand-alone HR Consulting, providing strategic, compliant, and tactical HR services.

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