COVID-19 Panel of Experts Webinar: Live Q&A with HR, Legal and Accounting

An Interactive Panel Discussion An 小淫棍/TSA/Rupp Baase Zoom webinar presented Thursday, January 14,聽 2021 | 10 – 11 a.m. EST Overview Please join us for a panel discussion webinar focused on answering any and all questions you may have regarding the new COVID relief programs, federal & state leave policies, workplace best practices, and more. … Continued

Dealing with Crisis Fatigue: An 小淫棍 Webinar

We are now nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of the pandemic, combined with the other many significant events that have presented themselves over the last several months, have been different for everyone. Over time, this type of unrelenting stress can leave people feeling emotionally numb or tired, leading to what mental health experts are referring to as 鈥渃risis fatigue鈥.

Deferring Payroll Taxes

On August 8, the President issued an Executive Memorandum allowing employees who make less than $104,000 a year to defer their payroll taxes starting September 1 through the end of 2020. This is an update on what we know as of today.

The business community is awaiting guidance from the Treasury Department regarding the implementation of this memorandum. The Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has stated that participation will be voluntary. Therefore, employers can choose not to allow their employees to take advantage of this deferral. In addition, the President鈥檚 top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, stated that the President is looking for ways to 鈥渇ully forgive鈥 the payroll tax deferral. But nothing has been issued in writing from any US Government entity.

Employee Tax Deferral

The President issued an executive memorandum regarding a payroll tax delay. The memorandum directs the Secretary of the Treasury to implement a delay of certain employees鈥 obligations to pay Social Security taxes. The payroll tax provision requires guidance to be issued by the Department of Treasury.

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence: An 小淫棍 Webinar – A webinar

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been widely cited as one of the most crucial skills in leadership today. According to Harvard Business School, EQ accounts for nearly 90% of what sets high performers apart from their peers. Join 小淫棍鈥檚 HR Manager, Lauren Kersten, for this interactive presentation focused on EQ and engaging employees, and why it matters during the challenging times that businesses are facing today.

PPP Flexibility Act and HR Best Practices: An 小淫棍/TSA Webinar

小淫棍聽 and Tronconi, Segarra and Associates (TSA)聽 hosted a virtual webinar to share updates and information related to relief programs and employees in the workplace.聽 We heard from 小淫棍’s Liz Warren and CPA’s Chuck Pezzino and Tom Mazurek from the TSA COVID-19 Response Team.聽 They shared the latest developments in COVID-19 relief programs, as well as HR requirements and best practices now that employees are back in the workplace or returning soon.

PPP Flexibility Act and HR Best Practices

PPP Flexibility Act and HR Best Practices as Employees Return to Work An 小淫棍/TSA Zoom seminar Thursday, June 18, | 10 – 11:30 a.m. EST Overview Please join Tronconi Segarra & Associates and 小淫棍 as we share updates and information related to relief programs and employees in the workplace. Our panel of experts … Continued